Product Supported

Issue description

This check detects if the product support lifecycle for the installed build of SharePoint has terminated.


Microsoft offers extensive support for SharePoint in various forms.

  • Trainings
  • Documentation
  • Product updates and hotfixes
  • Technical support

Microsoft discontinues the product in two main stages:

  • End of the mainstream support
  • End of the extended support

During the mainstream support lifecycle, Microsoft offers security and non-security updates in the form of public updates, cumulative updates, and Service Packs. During this phase, Microsoft also offers technical support for no charge and provides warranty claims about product defects. Customers are also able to submit a request for a design change. Once the product’s mainstream support ends, the product will be covered by extended support. During this time, Microsoft will only provide security fixes and technical support, charged at full price.

When the product support lifecycle ends, Microsoft does not offer any further support for the affected product.


If the mainstream support for the SharePoint build you are using has ended or has almost ended, upgrade as soon as possible to the newer version of SharePoint.

Additional information

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