Visio Services Cache Age

Issue description

This check determines whether Visio Graphic Services cache ages are set so that Visio does not affect SharePoint performance.


Visio Graphics Services caches diagrams to improve performance while viewing Visio diagrams. To govern how long a diagram is in cache, Visio Graphics Services contain two properties, Minimum Cache Age and Maximum Cache Age. It is important to set these properties to adequate values so as not to affect SharePoint performance.

Setting Minimum Cache Age to a value less than 5 minutes might result in large processor and network load that can affect SharePoint performance. However, setting this property to a higher value means users will not see their data-connected diagrams refreshing as often.

The Maximum Cache Age applies to non-data-connected diagrams. Increasing this property decreases latency for commonly requested drawings. However, if the property is set to a very high value, the latency for items not in cache will increase. The items already in cache consume memory, reducing the memory available to the rest of SharePoint.


These Visio Graphics Services properties should be set after testing and assessing their influence on SharePoint performance. However, recommendations are to keep Minimum Cache Age at more than 5 minutes and Maximum Cache Age at less than 60 minutes.


Additional information can be found in the following article: