File Size of Visio Web Drawings

Issue description

This check determines whether the maximum file size of Visio Web Drawings exceeds the recommended limit.


The Visio Graphics Service has a Maximum Web Drawing Size setting that will adversely affect performance. If the Maximum Web Drawing Size setting is larger than 25 MB, it might result in increased bandwidth usage, decreasing the expected performance of the Visio Graphics Service.

A web drawing size increases performance by downloading smaller images, which minimizes bandwidth usage.


Please decrease the value of the Maximum Web Drawing Size setting. To do so, open Central Administration > Application Management > Manage Service Applications > Visio Graphics service application. On the Manage the Visio Graphics Service page, click Global Settings. Ensure that the settings have the values that are listed in the following table. If they do not, type the value in the corresponding text box. Before performing administration tasks, verify that the user account that is performing the procedure is an administrator of the Visio Graphics Service service application.

Setting   Value  
Maximum Web Drawing Size <= 25 (Megabytes)
Minimum Cache Age >= 5 (Minutes)
Maximum Cache Age <= 60 (Minutes)
Maximum Recalc Duration <= 60 (Seconds)
Maximum Cache Size >= 1024 (Megabytes)

Additional information

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