AppFabric Patched

Issue description

This check determines whether all servers are running the latest Windows Server AppFabric build.


Distributed Cache is a customized version of the Windows Server AppFabric deployed in SharePoint 2013. The Distributed Cache service is either required or improves the performance of:

  • Authentication
  • Newsfeeds
  • OneNote client access
  • Security Trimming
  • Page load performance

Windows AppFabric should be patched to the newest build. Microsoft releases new Windows AppFabric builds to fix issues and provide new functionalities. Windows AppFabric must be running the same build on all SharePoint servers, regardless of whether they are in the Distributed Cache Cluster or not.


Verify the Windows Server App Fabric build number. To do so, you can check the version number in the Version column in Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features.

Additional information

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